Banking Software

StandFore – Banking Software Company

Banks, the financial backbone of our modern society, often carry out hundreds of thousands of transactions on a daily basis. These transactions have to go through a process of verification, counter-verification and ultimately, recording into a database that has to be secure and able to withstand all kinds of attacks such as brute-force attacks. With banking software, a bank is able to keep track of all the transactions tat are taking place on their system as well as being accountable for purposes of the audit.
Stanfore is a banking software company – which prides itself in creating software for the banking industry. As you would expect, this is one industry sector that sets some very strict standards of quality and accountability when it comes to their software applications and as such, every module and component of the banking software has to go through thorough testing to ensure that it is both secure and fool-proof.
By working with industry standard encryption methods, we ensure that each and every transaction that goes through the bank has a route and a trace thus making it possible to assure banking customers of the integrity of all the information they willingly share with the bank. Also they have soft for banks . This also ensures that all the data that the banks handle is secure and within their operational domain for better levels of control and more usefulness out of each piece of information that the bank handles.
Banks also tend to handle large masses of transactions and monitoring all these to notice signs of tampering and attacks early before they develop into serious problems means having a software like this that will be able to work according to the best practices of the bank. Things such as firewalls are designed to ward off all kinds of attacks while applying smart filters to all the incoming data thus ensuring that malware doesn’t creep into the banking system, a thing which is assured by loads of stress testing during the development process.
Stanfore has always been at the forefront of secure application development which is one of the reasons why our banking applications are top-notch and the best in terms of industry standards. All applications are designed, prototyped, developed and taken through an extreme testing process that ensures that any leaks or hole are patched in time for release giving banks the confident and security they need to serve the financial demands of their customers who range from individuals to huge corporations.