Custom application development services

Custom application development

With the ever evolving technology and business requirements, software that addresses your specific need may not be available. Sometimes packaged solutions simply do not satisfy your software requirements this necessitates the need for custom application development services.

HQSoftware is a premier custom application development company that provides software solutions to renowned brands likeCanon, HTC, Sega and Honda.HQSoftware offers all-round custom development solutions to enterprises around the world. The team of highly talented and dedicated people behind HQSoftware don’t just code rather fully dissect customers’ problems and come up with comprehensive solutions.

Founded in 2001, HQSoftware has grown its expertise in a number of areas with a keen focus on IoT, e-learning and cross-platform solutions. In 2015, HQSoftware partnered with Volvo and Volkswagen to developIoT software for their vehicle testing equipment.

HQSoftware main focus has been on web and mobile technologies both front-end and back-end development plus UX/UI design. The team develops custom software using Java,.NET, PHPand Node JS mobile applications for Android and iOS. HQSoftwaresoffers software consulting services ranging from database design to administrative interfaces and customer management.

HQSoftware has three engagement models for its custom software development services. You can read about it also at Wiki –

#1 Time and materials.

You are billed at an hourly rate for all hours of work performed on a monthly basis. Additional charges are negotiated in advance. This model gives you control over changes and deliverables.

#2 Fixed Price.

If you are working with a fixed budget for small and medium scope projects, HQSoftware will provide you with a project quote. The quote will include full specification of the project, milestones and preset timeframe.

#3 Dedicated Teams.

A team of dedicated developers will be created and mandated to work on your project. The team will be more of an extension of your in-house team hence works under predefined management.

When it comes to custom mobile application development services, HQ Solutions offers three options

#1 Native

These are applications coded for specific devices they are set to run on like Java for android. These applications will be readily available on Google Play Store or Apple App store and can operate without internet. They are optimized for performance thus offer enhanced user experience.

#2 Cross-platform native development.

If you need an app with low development cost that is easy to maintain then this is the best option for you. Because HQ is one of the best Internet of everything companies , the app uses one code for both iOS and Android app thereby allowing fast market entry.

#3 Mobile Web.

This application will run in a web browser across all platforms having been condensed and resized to fit a mobile screen.

#4 Hybrid.

This app is easier to develop compared to a native one. To ensure access to native platform features, hybrid apps are built using web technologies wrapped into assimilated into native cover.